Pit Bulls

I was never a “dog lover” growing up and was always afraid of Pit Bulls – any large dog, really – but Pit Bulls especially. Because of social media I believed that they could “snap” at any time and tear your throat out and I held onto this belief without ever meeting one in person. A little less than 2 years ago my wife and I actually rescued a purebred Bluenose Pit. In extensively researching her history (this took a lot of time and many phone calls) we found that she had been rescued as a puppy and the owners bred her several times. They kept her chained to a pole in their backyard and she watched as her puppies were trained to fight. When she barked or whimpered she was beaten with sticks or hosed. A homeless guy saw this abuse and eventually stole her one night. She lived with him for a while until he was picked up by the police – for whatever reason she was a not taken – and she spent an unaccounted amount of time with no home or guardian. A director buddy of mine (Richie Keen) found her in an abandoned home that he was scouting for a shoot and fostered her and we took her from him. She had mange, was emaciated and looked like shit. She was broken and sad. Since we’ve had her I can’t imagine life without her. She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever known and her life is now filled with love an joy. Don’t believe the media hype about Pit Bulls – make your own judgements based on your own experience. If you’re looking for a dog – try a Pit. You could find your new best dog buddy.  ‪#‎rescuepits‬

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